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Best Brunch in NZ? Is it in Taupo? At The Storehouse?...

If you think you know what’s good in Taupo, and haven’t visited The Storehouse, then you are in for a real treat!
The Storehouse offers, as they say, ‘good vibes and good food’, and we couldn’t agree more! From the classic kiwi style bacon and eggs to their 18-hour slow cooked pulled pork burger, The Storehouse can provide it all! They have amazing feedback, some even saying it's 'the best brunch in NZ', and the famed chicken waffles get mentioned almost every time!
Visit for breakfast and lunch, or even hire the venue for an evening function – catering and all! Hiding off to the side of Spa Road, the good taste is matched with a stylish ambiance, tasteful food, and trendy staff, they even have Lushlane to stock a varied mix of small and large grade plants, pots and plant care accessories right inside the cafe. Oh, and their latest and greatest? Offering locally sourced, non-homogenised cow's milk served straight from the tap!
The Storehouse is open 7am weekdays, and 8am weekends till 3pm, meaning you can grab your morning coffee, pop back for a brunch, and finish your afternoon off with a fantastic lunch knowing you will be impressed with every inch of service and product you get.
Storehouse is offering 2 for 1 mains every Tuesday and Wednesday. Jump on this deal to experience what every Storehouse visitors’ experiences... perfection.
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