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Technology for Hospitality Free Webinar

Join Fleur Wolstenholme, founder of food-tech start up Treat.NZ, in this seminar/Q&A session all around building confidence online.

We'll discuss tips & tricks and industry expert knowledge to help locally-owned, small businesses, particularly in the hospitality industry, harness their digital potential. Having an awesome digital presence doesn't have to cost an arm & a leg, and shouldn't be stressful; we know the past two years have been stressful enough! For a lot of local businesses, the rush to get online in 2020 was a wake-up call.

Now we're all there, it's time to keep moving, iterating and staying on top of the algorithm! Within 1 hour we'll cover some top tips and ideas that will significantly level up your understanding and help keep your restaurant/small business at the top of its game.


What's on the menu?

We'll be talking:

- Websites. What's important, what's not and 5 top tips from a web developer.

- Social Media. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok & Email what's the difference, how do I start and why do I need them?

- Joining online communities and platforms (like Treat NZ!) and the benefit!

- Owning your story as a local business.

- Don't be scared to try!

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