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The Brand Wolf

At Treat NZ, we're proud to have partnered with The Brand Wolf!

An NZ based web designer & developer who has worked with huge global and New Zealand brands. Since escaping corporate life, The Brand Wolf has shifted focus to working predominately with hospitality and tourism businesses. Helping businesses get online and get their website working for them!

We've teamed up to create 3 awesome packages that range in time, cost and complexity. These are available for both Treat NZ members and other eateries looking to upgrade their website.

Take a look at the menu:

Some good to knows.

Please enquire for a custom quote. Treat NZ restaurants will get a hefty discount so think about joining to make the most of this service!

Any integrations will require investigation and additional work (things like your booking system, online ordering, ecommerce for your merch or other apps or widgets unique to your business).

There are limited spaces and often a lead time on new builds. Time frames are from start of the build, not from contact date.

If you're just looking for some tweaks and changes on your current site, this can be arranged - please use the form below to enquire.

If you need things like content creation or a basic branding package, this can be added on! The possibilities are endless, first things first, reach out to us!

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