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Offer an Exclusive Experience to Our Members

Become a part of the Treat NZ family for free by offering our members a unique dining experience! You have the freedom to handpick from the enticing options below and even tailor them to specific sittings, timings, and table numbers, ensuring that Treat NZ perfectly complements your culinary establishment. But hey, if none of the options quite hit the mark, don't fret – just reach out to us. We're all ears and have a knack for crafting bespoke events, set menus, and other delectable offerings to suit your eatery's vibe.

Here's the cherry on top: there are absolutely no contracts or fees to shackle you in. If you decide that Treat NZ isn't your cup of tea (or coffee, or cocktail), you can bid us adieu without any pesky questions or nagging contractual ties. We believe in the power of partnership, and it's all about making sure it's a perfect match!

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