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BEERS by Bacon Brothers

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"Our Bear logo is inspired by a black Hokkaido bear that walked into my campsite in Japan, I made a deal with it, if you don't eat me I’ll open up a BBQ Joint in your honour. He hasn’t hunted me down and eaten me yet.... " - So the story goes! Welcome to BEERS by Bacon Brothers!

We love this eatery, the story, the food, the people behind it! It's all worth supporting. This super cool spot adorns 200 craft beers ready to try (there really must be something for everyone!), if you're thinking "wow, that's a lot of beer, why 200?" - it all started out when the team challenged themselves (and succeeded) in creating 200 beers in 200 days! How good! 

So from the BEER to the BBQ! The restaurant is inspired by the legends around the world that have passed on their wisdom, from one generation to another, and then on to team Beers. Cooking with fire and passion, and only the best ingredients, including Wagyu Brisket and Genuine St Louis Pork Ribs, smoked to perfection on sustainably sourced native red beech wood.  

Check out some of the latest reviews: 

" This place is so good. Firstly the staff are so friendly. We came last Friday and the guy that served us was so nice and welcoming. Secondly the beers are all great and there is so much variety. Thirdly, the food is insane. Make sure you get the chicken tenders and mash and gravy. That’s a combo you can’t miss. Everything else was great too. Can’t wait to come back and try more stuff!!" - Google Reviews

"OMG what a great combination place. Excellent BBQ meats / platters and almost infinite (to me) selection of beers. I just googled for lunch places nearby and was immediately intrigues by a restaurant called "BEERS"! We enjoyed it so much that we had lunch and then dinner on the same day at the same place!" - Google Reviews

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