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Mutiara Malaysia Restaurant

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Discover Mutiara Malaysian Restaurant - the Pearl of Ponsonby Road. Immerse yourself in authentic Malaysian cuisine and enjoy a tantalising 15% discount on their exquisite menu with Treat NZ.

Mutiara has been a culinary cornerstone in Auckland's trendy suburb, serving fine Malaysian dishes that captivate discerning taste buds. Their commitment to using the freshest ingredients and traditional recipes ensures an authentic and MSG-free dining experience.

Indulge in the captivating flavours of Malaysian cuisine, blending Malay, Chinese, and Indian influences to create a truly memorable culinary adventure. With seating for up to 35 guests, this licensed restaurant is the perfect setting for an intimate gathering with friends and family.

And you're in good hands with owner/operator Chef Roy Lim, a master in the art of Malaysian food. With over 30 years of experience and a deep love for his craft, Chef Roy skilfully combines herbs, spices, and fresh ingredients to create mouthwatering dishes. From classic favourites like Rendang and Ikan Bakar to his innovative creations, Chef Roy's culinary expertise will delight your taste buds.

Chef Roy is not only a culinary maestro but also an affable personality. Don't miss the chance to chat with him about food and football, as he loves connecting with customers and appreciates their feedback!

Experience the best of Malaysian cuisine at Mutiara Malaysian Restaurant, where flavours come alive and memories are made. Book your table now and enjoy a 15% discount for a limited time. Mutiara Malaysian Restaurant - a true gem of taste and hospitality.

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