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Hare & Copper Turangi

Today our spotlight on supporting and loving local takes us to the tucked away, idyllic Turangi eatery, Hare & Copper Eatery.

Opened just last year, this restaurant has taken the local cuisine to a delicious new level. We caught up with local family, and owner-operators Lili and Andrew. Having met in Wellington whilst working together in a busy Cuba Street restaurant. The couple decided they wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city to find a more peaceful setting whilst bringing up their daughter. Having holidayed in Kurutau as a child, Andrew was familiar with the outstanding beauty and serenity of the Southern end of Lake Taupo.

With the ideal spot coming on the market just at the right time, it all fell into place and their vision for a fresh and innovative space for locals to enjoy a delicious meal was born with Hare & Copper.

The restaurant itself, located on the quaint River Vineyard on Grace Road, is the definition of a hidden gem! Driving in, you might not expect to come across a perfectly curated and modern eatery, making Hare & Copper an even sweeter spot for a great meal! Paired with exceptional customer service you’re sure to enjoy this Turangi delight. The eatery features a cosy interior and large garden complete with an oversized chess board and sunny deck making it all too easy to while away a whole day here with family or friends.

Hare & Copper offers Treat NZ users 2 for 1 mains brunch times Wednesday and Thursday! Subscribers can book on our website now!

Fact! Fishing fanatics will have spotted the name gives a nod to the popular fly, but look a little closer and the art fanatics will have spotted the gorgeous painting named, “The Hare and Copper” hanging inside, given to the couple for the opening.

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