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Amp It Up: Transforming Small Businesses and Fostering Entrepreneurial Success in Taupo

Let's talk about Amp It Up! Designed as an 8-week course, Amp It Up aimed to equip participants with essential skills, knowledge, and connections to thrive in the business world. The program concluded with an exhilarating Pitch Night held on May 16th, where all 16 participants showcased their ideas and goals for the future...And we at Treat NZ won!!! 

So what was it? Led by the expertise of Paul from Soda Inc, who developed the course book, and Katherine Roberts, the Business Growth Advisor at Amplify in Taupo, the program offered practical insights, real-world examples, and actionable steps to propel the participants' businesses forward. The course was a culmination of two months of hard work and dedication from the cohort, fostering growth and preparing them for success.

From financials to branding, we learnt so much! And I'm so grateful for being selected as part of the cohort, let alone winning it! But, the highly anticipated Pitch Night, held as part of the Tech Week, was undoubtedly the highlight of Amp It Up.  The atmosphere was electric as a panel of esteemed judges, including industry experts Catie Noble from Upward, Daniel Britten from Strettons, and Rick Keehan, Amplify CEO, carefully evaluated each pitch based on viability, business models, and capabilities.

I believe that as cheesy as it sounds, everyone was a winner in the end! We've made some great connections and I can't wait to see what the future holds for the cohort. The first-place winner was me (eek!!) Fleur Wolstenholme from Treat NZ, followed by Louise and Ben Toulmin from Nezui securing second place, and Ashleigh Carlson from The Tanning Co. taking third place. 


You can read more about Amp It up from the below articles: 

Amplify - Celebrating the Success of Amp It Up

Soda Inc - QA with Fleur from Treat NZ

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