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  • NZ's Coolest Foodie Club

Introducing Treat NZ - the coolest foodie club in all of New Zealand! We're on a mission to connect food lovers with local eateries from all across Aotearoa, and we do it in style.

Our story is a tale of two passions - one for the hospitality world, and the other for advertising magic. We combined these forces to create Treat NZ, a culinary adventure like no other. And in 2021, when the hospitality industry felt the pandemic pinch, we decided to go all-in on supporting locally-owned eateries.

Now, New Zealand boasts some seriously impressive dining spots, and it's high time we bridge the gap between these culinary wonders and our food-loving community. To make this happen, we've made dining out both affordable and exciting. Treat NZ members enjoy exclusive event access, tantalising dining experience giveaways, and discounts that'll make your taste buds tingle. Plus, we roll out the red carpet for some lucky VIFs (Very Important Foodies) in the best eateries across NZ.

But we're not just about savouring delectable dishes; we're also giving local restaurants a platform to shine, absolutely free of charge! It's our way of spreading the foodie love far and wide.

In a land overflowing with gastronomic treasures, we're the matchmakers bringing foodies and restaurants together. We're here to make dining out a delightful and budget-friendly affair. So, if you're ready to embark on a mouthwatering journey through New Zealand, join us at Treat NZ, where food dreams come true and every meal is an adventure

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