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Introducing Ally McFarlane: Auckland's Visionary Food Photographer

In the age of Instagram and visual storytelling, the significance of high-quality photography for restaurants cannot be overstated. Stunning food photography has the power to captivate viewers, whet their appetites, and create a lasting impression that entices them to visit your establishment. That's where Ally McFarlane, a talented food photographer based in Auckland, comes in.

Ally's journey into the world of food photography was a natural progression from her background in hospitality and her innate passion for the culinary arts. With a deep love for drawing, painting, and creative expression, she initially pursued a career as an artist. However, fate intervened, and Ally discovered her true calling behind the lens.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant surroundings of Auckland, Ally combines her artistic sensibilities with her profound understanding of hospitality to create visually stunning food photography. Her unique blend of creativity and industry knowledge allows her to bring the beauty of gastronomy to life through her lens.

What sets Ally apart is her extensive experience in the hospitality industry. From managing restaurants and hotels to barista training and cellar door management at a cider factory, she has gained invaluable insights into the world of hospitality. This insider knowledge gives her a deep understanding of the nuances of the dining experience, allowing her to capture the essence of a restaurant's offerings in a way that resonates with diners.

Recognising the importance of high-quality visuals for restaurants, Ally has joined forces with Treat NZ, a platform dedicated to connecting diners with exceptional local eateries. As part of an exclusive package deal, she brings her expertise to Treat NZ restaurants, helping them elevate their business through the power of photography. By showcasing a restaurant's dishes, ambiance, and unique features in powerful and genuine images, Ally entices diners to embark on a culinary journey like no other.

The impact of good photography on a restaurant's success is backed by facts and statistics. According to a study by OpenTable, an online restaurant reservation platform, high-quality photos on restaurant listings increase the likelihood of diners making a reservation by a staggering 80%. Furthermore, research conducted by the visual content marketing platform, Crowdriff, reveals that 67% of consumers consider high-quality images to be "very important" when selecting a restaurant.

In a highly competitive industry, where countless dining options vie for customers' attention, standing out from the crowd is essential. With Ally's captivating photography, your restaurant can create a visual narrative that leaves a lasting impression on diners and industry professionals alike. Let Ally tell your culinary story through her lens, capturing the essence of your establishment and creating visuals that showcase your offerings in the most enticing way possible.


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