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Hawte Ice Creams

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Welcome to the Hawte revolution, where ice cream meets your favourite spirits in a harmonious symphony of flavour and fun! On Victoria Street in the heart of Christchurch, Hawte stands as New Zealand's very first boozy ice cream parlour – or as we like to call it, a "Barlour."

At Hawte, you're in for more than just your average serving of ice cream; these guys are crafting indulgent experiences that will leave your taste buds begging for more! Picture this: mango and Malibu, spiced rum and Nutella, Jack Daniel's and dark chocolate, and even a Mexican hot chocolate infused with a generous drop of tequila and a hint of ghost chilli. It's a tantalising journey of flavours that's bound to delight your senses.

But here's the scoop – there's no need to worry about post-indulgence blues because, at Hawte, it's all about savouring the taste without the hangover. Yes, you read that right – you can Eat & Drive (responsibly, of course)! Hawte's boozy ice creams are crafted to perfection, ensuring you get the full spectrum of flavour without the alcohol-related consequences!

And if you're not the boozy type, but you are the ice-cream type, don't worry, because we've got you covered too! Hawte offers a delightful selection of alcohol-free options that are equally as heavenly. So, whether you're in the mood for a delightful dessert or a boozy treat to cap off your day, Hawte Ice Cream promises a wonderful time every time.

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Life's too short for ordinary treats; indulge in the extraordinary with Hawte Ice Cream today! New Zealand's Booziest Ice Creams... Now there's a tag line!

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