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Why should I choose Treat+?

Treat+ provides an affordable and effective way for restaurants to get professional digital strategy behind their brand. Our team of experts has experience in the hospitality industry and can help you get more bookings and reach more customers online.

What's included?

Treat+ is great for all businesses because each plan is tailored to suit you. We can include pretty much anything and everything digital. After an initial deep dive into your data and current efforts, together we'll map out the next few months in deliverables.

This could be focusing on any of the below:

- Social media content creation.
- Social media management.
- SEO (search engine optimisation)
- Set up and management of email marketing.
- Graphic design for branding/in house designs, from posters, logos, uniforms and artwork to menus and signage.
- Web improvements with our expert design and development team.
- Digital advertising e.g. Google Ads

How does it work?

When we start Treat+ with an eatery we'll do a free deep dive into your current digital efforts. After that, we'll organise a 1:1 consultation to get more of an understanding of what you're looking to achieve with Treat+.

From there we map out a plan for the near future - depending on our consultation this could range from 4 - 12 months.

From month to month running of this digital strategy package we suggest a monthly/fortnightly virtual call (20 - 30 mins) to check in on progress. The rest of the time will be saved for execution of the coming month's goals.

Overall you will get roughly 4-5 hours of dedicated time each month.

How soon can I expect to see results?

How long's a piece of string right? It depends on what we're focusing on. Social media results may be quicker to view as opposed to web and SEO improvements. On the whole thought, it's good to have 3 months in your mind before you notice a difference.

Is there a minimum amount of months I need to be on Treat+?

Yes, Treat+ has a minimum of 3 months contract, this is due to the fact that changes aren't often seen straight away.

What if I already have a digital marketing plan in place?

Treat+ can still provide value even if you already have a digital marketing plan in place. Our team of experts can review your existing plan and provide additional insights and recommendations to help you optimise your strategy.

What if I need additional support beyond what's included in Treat+?

We understand that this package is quite small, it's that way so it's cost effective for you! If you are looking for more dedication, we can recommend services depending on your needs. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

How much does Treat+ cost?

$200 per month (minimum of 3 months).

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